Small rectangular table with metal legs
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Auction Began: 11/17/2016 11:06:34 AM E.S.T.
Auction Ends: 12/1/2016 11:06:34 AM E.S.T.

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Location: Southfield, MI     
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Small rectangular table with metal legs

Small rectangular table with metal legs (36" w, 22" d, 29 1/2" h)



Liability: The item offered for sale and its description has been compiled from available data, but there is no guaranty or warranty on the part of the City of Southfield relative thereto as to quantity, kind, character, description, condition, and suitability for use for which it may be desired or in any other respect whatsoever. All material is sold “as is and where is,” and must be removed at Purchaser’s risk and expense. All sales will be final. The City may withdraw an item at any time from the auction sale.

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Payment: Only Cash/Cashier Check/Money Order will be accepted as payment. NO PERSONAL CHECKS, OUT-OF-STATE OR CANADIAN CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please contact the Purchasing Department at 248-796-5250 to schedule an appointment to pick up and pay for your items.  Governmental Entity/School: If a governmental entity or school is the successful bidder, a tax exemption form will be required before the equipment can be removed from the premises. If the successful bidder is another governmental entity including schools, that entity’s check will be adequate form of payment. If the successful bidder is not a governmental entity – 6% sales tax will be added to the final bid price.

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