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The information below is a summary of solicitation number 003947 posted by Oakland County.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.


Date Issued: 05/04/2017

Deadline: 05/18/2017  prior to 11:45 PM   E.D.T.

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Pontiac, MI

Delivery Date: asap

Type of Purchase: Term: Unspecified

Construction Related: No

Type of Response Allowed: Online Only

Issuing Agency: Oakland County

Using Department: Medical Examiner's Office

Special Notices: No special notices were chosen.


When viewing this notice online, click on the link to the specification documents to see all attachments for this ITQ. IF YOU ARE OFFERING AN ALTERNATE BE SURE TO UPLOAD SPECIFICATIONS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION IN THE COMMENT SECTION. WE WILL ONLY ENTERTAIN ALTERNATES THAT OFFER ADEQUATE SPECIFICATIONS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION. ALL BIDDERS MUST UPLOAD A COMPLETED IRAN LINKED BUSINESS CERTIFICATION FORM - FORM ATTACHED.  ONLY ONLINE MITN RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 4 DIGIT PIN NUMBER TO POST YOUR QUOTE. If you are having difficulty posting your ONLY ONLINE MITN RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 4 DIGIT PIN NUMBER TO POST YOUR QUOTE. If you are having difficulty posting your quote, be sure to contract the MITN Help Desk. General Submission Information: Bid responses must be submitted through the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) website The responsibility rests entirely with the bidder, to insure that responses are posted on the MITN website prior to the date and time specified. The due date and time are listed on the first page of the proposal form and the MITN website. All questions regarding this solicitation should be submitted in writing or email (preferred) to the buyer listed on page one of the proposal form. Subject line must include the solicitation event number listed on page one of the proposal form.  Submissions: Submitting a bid response on the MITN website binds and commits the company to provide such goods and /or services offered to the County should their bid be accepted by the County. The bidder acknowledges that the County is a public entity and therefore is subject to public disclosure laws. Modifications: Prior to opening the solicitations, clarifications, modifications, or amendments may be made to the solicitation at the discretion of Oakland County Purchasing Division. Should any such changes be made, an addendum will be issued and posted on the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN) website.  Its the responsibility of the bidder to check the website for addendums. Alternatives to Specifications: Bidders may offer alternatives from the expressed specifications described by the County. The County reserves the right to consider and accept or reject such alternatives.  Alternatives must clearly describe all variances from the specifications herein. Provide product literature, specification sheets and drawings with bid if providing an alternate. Withdrawal: Responses may be withdrawn by writing or electronic notice provided such notice is received by the Purchasing Division prior to the time set for the opening of the responses. Award Information: Organizations may be requested to submit a completed, signed Federal W-9 form prior to an award of a contract or purchase order. Terms and Conditions: Only online responses on MITN will be accepted. No late or misdelivered proposals will be accepted (MITN online responses only). The bidder is responsible for any costs incurred by the bidder or their subcontractors in responding to this solicitation. Submission is a conclusive presumption that the bidder is familiar with the RFP, Contractual Requirements, and Specifications and that the bidder understands and agrees to abide by each and all of the stipulations and requirements contained herein. Any exceptions to the stipulations should be submitted separately. Each response should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward concise description of the proponents approach and ability to meet the Countys needs, as stated in this RFP. The County of Oakland reserves the right to reject any or all solicitation responses, awarding the solicitation to other than the lowest priced solicitation response and to waive any irregularities and /or formalities. Also to accept any solicitation response which, in its judgment, best serves the Countys interest. The County of Oakland reserves the right to request any additional information which might be deemed necessary after the submission of this document to bidder, and after responses from bidder have been received by the County. The County of Oakland reserves the right to conduct interviews, reference checks, and any other due diligence deemed necessary to select the successful bidder. The County of Oakland reserves the right to split or abstract any or all bids and award multiple contracts from the same solicitation based on price, availability, and services when in its judgment best serves the County. All County Contractors are required to comply with all Federal, State, or Local laws. The County reserves the right to cancel the contract for services if the contractor has not done so. Failure to comply with all Federal, State, or Local laws either currently or historically is a consideration in the bid evaluation process as well. Such compliance shall include, but not be limited to, non-discrimination against any employee or applicant for employment because of sex, race, religion, color, national origin, or handicap in violation of State and Federal law; prohibition of use of any copyrighted software contrary to the provisions of any applicable Software license agreement or State or Federal law; compliance with all applicable grant requirements if any part of a Contract is supported or paid for with any State or Federal funds granted to the County; compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and I-9 employment verification requirements. Any and all future Federal, State, or Local laws must also be complied with while the contractor is providing services/products to the County. Vendors that have been found guilty or held civilly liable for violation of any federal or state law, or have been barred and/or declared ineligible from consideration in receiving any federal, state or municipal contract, must provide information as part of their proposal on all such violations / barrings / ineligibilities. All work shall be performed in a professional manner and shall be consistent with the practices of the trade.  The Contractor shall be responsible for any permits and inspections. All labor and materials shall be in accordance with applicable building, safety, and fire codes. Shipping terms are to be F.O.B Destination unless otherwise stated in the solicitation specifications. Pursuant to Act 167 of the Public Acts or 1933, the County of Oakland, A Michigan Constitutional Corporation, is exempt from the sales tax provisions of this Act. In addition, the Michigan Department of Treasury has promulgated General and Specific Sales and Use Tax Rules which provide that the County of Oakland is not required to have a sales tax exemption number. (R205.79; Rule 29) For reporting purposes County of Oakland I.D. #38-6004876W.  


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