Detroit Public Library Closed Bids

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Library Shelving for the Wilder Branch ITB-MM-N23297  04/19/2016   05/05/2016 
Furniture Bid for Wilder Branch Library ITB-MM-N23323  04/07/2016   04/21/2016 
Refuse Removal - Detroit Public Library ITB-MR-15992-17  03/01/2017   03/31/2017 
Asphalt Paving and Resurfacing at Hubbard Branch Library RFB-MM-N23329  04/10/2015   04/30/2015 
Franklin Branch Rubber Floor tiles RFP-CP-RF 5701  10/10/2016   11/17/2016 
Edison Branch Water Cooling Condersers RFP-CP-RF 5703  10/12/2016   11/24/2016 
Bid for Replacement Lighting Fixtures at Wilder Branch Library RFP-MM- N23317  10/29/2015   11/19/2015 
Request for Quote: Burton Financial Audit for FY June 30, 2014 RFP-MM-022114Burton  02/21/2014   03/14/2014 
Request for Quote: DPL Cooperative FY14 Audit Services RFP-MM-022114Cooperative  02/21/2014   03/14/2014 
Detroit Public Library RFQ for Independent Audit DPL Cooperative RFP-MM-3331  04/20/2015   05/05/2015 
Installation of Rubber Tile Floor RFP-MM-Douglass Branch  03/31/2014   04/08/2014 
Replacement of Entry Doors at Edison Branch II RFP-MM-Edison Branch II  06/18/2014   07/10/2014 
Elevator Maintenance For DPL RFP-MM-Elevator Maintenance RFP  05/22/2014   06/03/2014 
Replacement of Water Cooled Condensing Unit at Knapp Branch RFP-MM-Knapp Branch Condensing Unit  04/11/2014   05/01/2014 
Digtal Asset Management System RFP-MM-l Digital Asset Managment System  07/09/2013   07/25/2013 
Installation of Rubber Flooring at The Redford Branch Library RFP-MM-N-22087  07/18/2013   08/22/2013 
Detroit Public Library Fiscal Year Audit Year End 2014 RFP-MM-N-22135  11/01/2013   01/23/2014 
Asphalt Paving and ADA Concrete Repair at Redford Branch RFP-MM-N-22285  08/25/2014   09/25/2014 
Rubber Tile Floors at Wilder Branch RFP-MM-N-23316  09/10/2015   10/08/2015 
Request for Commercial Real Estate Broker RFP-MM-N-23319  11/13/2015   02/04/2016 
Duffield Branch Painting and Repairs RFP-MM-N-23321  01/06/2016   02/04/2016 
Redford Branch Replacement Chiller and Repair RFP-MM-N22250  03/04/2014   03/27/2014 
Rubber Floor Tiles at Douglass Branch RFP-MM-N22255-1  03/31/2014   04/08/2014 
Design and Build of Website RFP-MM-N23298  05/06/2016   05/26/2016 
Redford Branch Chiller Piping Repair RFP-MM-N23301  07/16/2014   08/14/2014 

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