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The information below is a summary of solicitation number RFQ-2010-SCBA Flow Testing posted by City of Troy - MI.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.

SCBA Flow Testing

Date Issued: 09/24/2010

Deadline: 10/01/2010  prior to 8:00 AM   E.D.T.

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Troy, MI

Delivery Date: 30 days from PO

Type of Purchase: Term: 3 years

Construction Related: No

Type of Response Allowed: Online Only

Issuing Agency: City of Troy - MI

Using Department: Fire Department

Special Notices: All or None Award
FOB Destination


Due Date: 9/29/2010 3:00:00 PM E.D.T.

Primary Contact Name: Mr. Peter Hullinger

Title: Fire Lieutenant



Troy Fire Department Request For Quotes Survivair Panther Annual SCBA Flow Test For Three (3) Years Approximately 120 SCBA Will Be Done The following are the requirements for quoting on providing Survivair Panther SCBA flow testing for the Troy Fire Department. Those not meeting all of the listed requirements will not be considered. Bidders must be an authorized Sperian (Survivair) distributor and warranty repair center for the Fire Service. All SCBA flow testing will be done at the City of Troy Fire Department Storage and Repair facility at 4699 Rochester Rd. Bidders will supply a Posi-Chek SCBA flow test instrument that is within calibration dates.  Bidders are to use a computer supplied by the Troy Fire Department so that test data is retained by the department. Bidders will use Sperian software provided by the department for the testing. Testing will be performed shall include all standard testing including completing testing of the Heads Up Display. Minor repairs and adjustments are to be included in the price of the flow tests. Bidders are to supply an hourly price for repairs other than minor. All warranty repairs will be completed at no cost to the department. Batteries will be supplied by the department. Batteries will be changed by fire department personnel. Flow tests will be performed after battery installation to verify correct operation. Bidders to also supply repair of SCBA for the life of the contract.  Bidders must pick us SCBA from the Storage and Repair facility within two business days of notification. The hourly rate listed above will be used for repairs.  


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