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The information below is a summary of solicitation number RFP-RH-16-034 posted by City of Rochester Hills.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.

Wage and Compensation Study

Date Issued: 06/24/2016

Deadline: 08/02/2016  prior to 3:00 PM   E.D.T.

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Rochester Hills, MI

Delivery Date: To Be Determined

Type of Purchase: Term: Unspecified

Construction Related: No

Type of Response Allowed: Hard Copy Only

Issuing Agency: City of Rochester Hills

Using Department: Human Resources

Special Notices: Insurance Required


Due Date: 7/14/2016 11:00:00 AM E.D.T.

Primary Contact Name: Ms. Lisa Cummins

Title: Purchasing

Email: cumminsl@rochesterhills.org


Dated June 24, 2016: The City of Rochester Hills is accepting proposals from qualified firms to provide a COMPERHENSIVE WAGE AND COMPENSATION STUDY. Sealed Proposals will be received by the City of Rochester Hills at the Purchasing Division, 1000 Rochester Hills Drive, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 or through MITN website until THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016 at EXACTLY 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time, at which time and place said proposers’ names will be read. The City of Rochester Hills officially distributes bid/proposal documents from the Purchasing Division or through the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN). Copies of proposal documents obtained from any other source are not considered official copies. Only those vendors who obtain proposal documents from either the Purchasing Division or the MITN System are guaranteed access to receive addendum information, if such information is issued. The first step to do business with the City is to become a registered vendor by visiting the City website at www.rochesterhills.org, select Government Services, Departments, Purchasing and Quick Link to link to the MITN website. Final proposal results will be posted on the MITN website after award. Any deviations from the specifications must be noted on the proposal. THE CITY OF ROCHESTER HILLS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY AND ALL PROPOSALS. Please submit proposal on or before the date and time given above to: Lisa Cummins, CPPB Purchasing Manager City of Rochester Hills 1000 Rochester Hills Drive Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 All proposals (7 copies) must be submitted in a Sealed Envelope marked “RFP – COMPREHENSIVE WAGE AND COMPENSATION STUDY”. BACKGROUND The City of Rochester Hills is a residential community in Oakland County, Michigan, with a population exceeding 70,000. The community includes important research, manufacturing and services employers as well as educational and cultural institutions. It enjoys an excellent reputation in southeast Michigan for its proactive government and community planning, including ample provision for public parks and open space. General information regarding the City of Rochester Hills is available at www.rochesterhills.org. The City of Rochester Hills is organized as a strong Mayor form of government with legislative power vested in City Council. The City is a full service municipality, exclusive of police and trash collection. The City currently has 112 full-time classifications comprised of 208 positions in 11 departments. There are 49 non-union positions, including 11 department directors. The larger of the City’s two AFSCME locals is comprised of 112 budgeted positions. The remaining two bargaining units include a second AFSCME local comprised of 8 supervisory and management employees and an IAFF local with 39 sworn fire personnel. In addition, the City employees 13 regular part-time employees in six positions on a year-round basis, as well as eight inspectors in the Building Department on an as-needed basis. The average full-time City employee is over 49 years old with almost 18 years of service and an average annual base salary of almost $65,500 (see Total Rewards Distribution, Exhibit A). Each and every year, the City strives to meet the highest standards of fiscal performance, accountability and stewardship. The City maintains a Triple A bond rating by Moody’s Investor’s Services. The annual budget serves as the foundation for the City’s financial planning and controls. In addition to studies associated with specific positions and an annual review of department director salaries, the City of Rochester Hills has previously conducted at least four (4) major wage and classification studies. These include a study to define organizational and staffing needs in the areas of Finance, Treasurer and City Clerk, conducted by Deloite & Touche in 1985; a wage study of all City classifications by Callaghan Associates in 1989; job audits of all non-union positions, conducted by Human Resources staff from 1995 to 1997; and a wage and classification study of full-time, union (except fire union) and non-union positions conducted by the Mercer Group between 2001 and 2002. Please login to MITN to download the complete specifications and exhibits. 


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