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The information below is a summary of solicitation number ITB-RH-16-017 posted by City of Rochester Hills.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.

North Hill Subdivision Water Main Repl. and Road Resurfacing Proj.

Date Issued: 02/23/2016

Deadline: 03/16/2016  prior to 3:00 PM   E.S.T.

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Rochester Hills, MI

Delivery Date: September 2, 2016

Type of Purchase: Term: Unspecified

Construction Related: Yes

Type of Response Allowed: Hard Copy Only

Issuing Agency: City of Rochester Hills

Using Department: DPS

Special Notices: Bid Bond Required
Insurance Required
Maintenance Bond Required
Payment Bond Required
Performance Bond/Guarantee Required


Due Date: 3/4/2016 12:00:00 PM E.S.T.

Primary Contact Name: Ms. Lisa Cummins

Title: Manager - Purchasing Department



INVITATION TO BID North Hill Subdivision Water Main Replacement and Road Resurfacing Project E15-028 ITB-RH-16-017 CITY OF ROCHESTER HILLS OAKLAND COUNTY, MICHIGAN Sealed proposals for the North Hill Water Main Replacement and Road Resurfacing Project, E15-028 will be received at the City of Rochester Hills’ Purchasing Division located at 1000 Rochester Hills Drive (Lower Level), Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 until EXACTLY 3:00 P.M., Michigan Time, on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. The City of Rochester Hills officially distributes bid documents from the Purchasing Division or through the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade network (MITN). Copies of bid documents obtained from any other source are not considered official copies. Only those vendors who obtain bid documents from either the Purchasing Division or the MITN System are guaranteed access to receive addendum information, if such information is issued. The first step to do business with the City is to become a registered vendor by visiting the City website at, click on City Services, Purchasing, and then Vendor Registration. Final bid results will be posted on the MITN website after award. The Contract, Specifications and Plan documents for this project are available on the MITN system. A complete paper copy of the Contract, Specifications and Plan documents can be obtained from the City of Rochester Hills Purchasing Division (lower level) at 1000 Rochester Hills Drive, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 and will require a non-refundable fee of $45.00. Checks/money orders must be in the possession of the City before documents/drawings will be mailed. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check or a bid bond in an amount not less than 5% of the bid amount. The bond shall be with a Surety licensed and admitted to do business in the State of Michigan and in a form acceptable to the City of Rochester Hills. 2 All bids shall be opened publicly at the date and time specified. The City of Rochester Hills reserves the right to postpone the bid opening for its own convenience. Each bid shall be recorded together with the name of the bidder. Bids shall be in accordance with the Purchasing Ordinance and the requirements of this notice in order to be deemed “responsive.” No late bids will be accepted. The City assumes no responsibility for errant delivery of bids, including those relegated to a courier agent who fails to deliver in accordance with the time and receiving point specified. Proposals are considered received when in the possession of the Purchasing Division at the due date and time. Bidders should note that 60% of the work being done by the Prime Contractor must be done by the Contractor’s own forces. Bidders must be pre-qualified as a combination/joint 2,300 Cb/Ea/K/J with the Michigan Department of Transportation. The accepted bidder will be required to furnish Insurance Certificates, Payment, Performance and Maintenance Bonds underwritten by a Surety licensed and admitted to do business in the State of Michigan and acceptable to the City. Bids are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, plainly marked “BID – “North Hill Subdivision Water Main Replacement and Road Resurfacing Project” and received by the City of Rochester Hills’ Purchasing Division on or before the time and date given above. It is the intention of the City of Rochester Hills to award this Contract to a Contractor fully capable both financially and with previous experience in this type of work. Selection of bidder will include qualifications and performance records as outlined in instructions to bidders. The right to accept any bid, to reject any or all bids and to waive defects in bids is reserved by the City of Rochester Hills. Portions of this Contract may be deleted due to unforeseen circumstances without compensation. The City’s acceptance of a bid and approval of the award of a contract shall not constitute a formed contract and the acceptance of a bid and award of a contract shall be contingent and conditioned upon the parties’ entry into and execution of a written agreement acceptable to the City. The City reserves the right to change or amend the bid documents, prior to the bid opening date by the issuance of addendum posted on the MITN website. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to make inquiry as to the changes or addenda issued. All such changes or addenda shall become a part of the contract and all contractors shall be bound by such changes or addenda. Dated: February 23, 2016 


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