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The information below is a summary of solicitation number SFQ-RH-15-87 posted by City of Rochester Hills.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.

Meter Bypass Installation

Date Issued: 10/06/2015

Deadline: 10/19/2015  prior to 8:46 AM   E.D.T. (Canceled, See Addenda Area For Details)

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Rochester Hills, MI

Delivery Date: Upon Award

Type of Purchase: Term: Unspecified

Construction Related: No

Type of Response Allowed: Online or Hard Copy

Issuing Agency: City of Rochester Hills

Using Department: Department of Public Services

Special Notices: Insurance Required
Job-Walk Visit Mandatory on 10/13/2015 10:00 AM at Crittenton Hospital, 1101 W. University Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 (Vault located east side)


Due Date: 10/13/2015 5:00:00 PM E.D.T.

Primary Contact Name: Ms. Lisa Cummins

Title: Purchasing



Dated: October 6, 2015. The City of Rochester Hills is soliciting quotations for providing all labor, materials, equipment and means of work to install a temporary bypass system on an 8-inch ductile iron main located in an underground valve vault.  If you are interested in providing a quotation, please fill in the following information and mail, fax or submit online no later than the due date of Tuesday, October 20, 2015 @ 3:00 p.m.  All quotations should be directed to the attention of: Lisa Cummins, CPPB, Purchasing Manager, Phone: 248.841.2537; email:; Fax 248.608.8178, City of Rochester Hills, Purchasing Division, 1000 Rochester Hills Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. A mandatory site visit will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 @ 10:00 a.m. at Crittenton Hospital, 1101 W. University Drive (Vault is located on east side of building from the main entrance), Rochester Hills, MI 48307 to become familiar with the premises specified, to measure all areas to be covered, view the current condition of the surfaces, and to provide a forum for questions/answers. Contractor is responsible for all measurements when preparing his/her quotation. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to determine quantities of any special materials required and incorporate any such items in his/her cost. The site visit will be the only time for vendors to view the location.  All correspondence or inquires from interested firms regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the attention of Lisa Cummins, Purchasing Manager, City of Rochester Hills, 1000 Rochester Hills Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, (248) 841-2537, All inquires shall be submitted by Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. (local time), in order that a written response in the form of an addendum can be processed before the due date. Inquiries received after that date will not be considered. The City of Rochester Hills officially distributes quotation documents from the Purchasing Division or through the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN). Copies of quotation documents obtained from any other source are not considered official copies. Only those vendors who obtain quotation documents from either the Purchasing Division or the MITN System are guaranteed access to receive addendum information, if such information is issued. The first step to do business with the City is to become a registered vendor by visiting to link to the MITN website. Final quotation results will be posted on the MITN website after award. As this quotation is being made available by electronic means, the vendor accepts full responsibility to ensure that no changes are made to the quotation documents. In the event of conflict between a version of the quotation submitted by the vendor, the version maintained by the City of Rochester Hills Purchasing Division shall govern. The submission of a Quotation hereunder shall be considered evidence that the proposer is satisfied with respect to the conditions to be encountered, and the character, quantity and quality of the work to be performed. Please login to MITN to download complete specifications and quote response form. 


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