Brandon Township Closed Bids

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Seymour Lake Cemetery Parking Lot & Fire #2 Drive Replacement RFP- Seymour Lk Cemetery Parking Lot & Fire #2 Drive Replace  06/24/2015   07/08/2015 
Municipal Workers Compensation Insurance Services RFP- Workers Comp. Insurance  07/02/2015   07/17/2015 
MAINTENANCE OF BRANDON TOWNSHIP CEMETERIES RFP-03282017-1  03/13/2017   03/28/2017 
Architectural design & Mgmt. ADA Kitchen and restrooms RFP-Architectural design & Mgmt. ADA Kitchen and restrooms  08/11/2015   08/27/2015 
Seymour Lk Cemetery Parking Lot & Fire Station #2 Driveway replace RFP-Cemetery and Fire Station #2 Parking lot  03/17/2016   03/23/2016 
Edna Burton Senior Center ADA interior and exterior doors RFP-EBSC ADA Interior and exterior doors  05/24/2016   06/09/2016 
Edna Burton Senior Center Restroom Improvements RFP-EBSC Restroom Improvements  01/11/2016   02/04/2016 
Under Floor Improvement Project RFP-Edna Burton Senior Center Under Floor Space Improvements  07/01/2015   07/21/2015 
Municipal Health Care Insurance Services RFP-Health Insurance  07/01/2015   07/17/2015 
Insulation & Vapor Barrier Project RFP-Insulation & Vapor Barrier Project  06/05/2015   06/25/2015 
Municipal Life Insurance Services RFP-Municipal Life Insurance Services  07/02/2015   07/17/2015 

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