Summary of Responses

The information below is a summary of all responses received for solicitation number RFQ-1705-TRE253 posted by City of Livonia.

 Deadline:    5/16/2017  prior to  5:00 PM  E.D.T.
 Title:    2017 Tax Bill Printing 

Posted on this page are the bid prices read at the time of the public bid opening.  This information is provided as a convenience to the contracting community, and reflect ranking of bid totals based on dollar amount only.  Bid results posted on this page have not been reviewed for completeness, responsiveness, and technical qualification.  Bid totals may change if clerical or mathematical errors are detected.

Recommendations to award the contract, if made, will be based upon subsequent evaluation of the entire bid and all related documents, including determination of bid responsiveness and bidder responsibility.

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Company Name Total Bid
InfoSend, Inc $0.14 
Kent Communications Inc $0.55 
M&S PrintMedia, Inc. $9,661.68 
NWC Program Administation Inc $12,554.88 $13,757.00 
Monarch Print Solutions $15,900.00 
Advance Print & Graphics, Inc. $16,151.00 

 Item #1: Printing, stuffing and mailing of the City of Livonia's 2017 summer and winter tax bills. See attachments for specifications.
Brand Requirement:  Not Applicable - Service Item

Company Name Qty UOM Unit Cost Total Cost
InfoSend, Inc EACH  $0.1400  $0.14 
Kent Communications Inc EACH  $0.5500  $0.55 
M&S PrintMedia, Inc. EACH  $9,661.6800  $9,661.68 
NWC Program Administation Inc EACH  $12,554.8800  $12,554.88 EACH  $13,757.0000  $13,757.00 
Monarch Print Solutions EACH  $15,900.0000  $15,900.00 
Advance Print & Graphics, Inc. EACH  $16,151.0000  $16,151.00 

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