Summary of Responses

The information below is a summary of all responses received for solicitation number RFQ-#10 regular envelopes posted by City of Riverview.

 Deadline:    6/21/2012  prior to  2:00 PM  E.D.T.
 Title:    Price quote fro #10 regular envelopes 

Posted on this page are the bid prices read at the time of the public bid opening.  This information is provided as a convenience to the contracting community, and reflect ranking of bid totals based on dollar amount only.  Bid results posted on this page have not been reviewed for completeness, responsiveness, and technical qualification.  Bid totals may change if clerical or mathematical errors are detected.

Recommendations to award the contract, if made, will be based upon subsequent evaluation of the entire bid and all related documents, including determination of bid responsiveness and bidder responsibility.

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Company Name Total Bid
Image Printing $219.80 
R.b. Printing Service $220.00 
Dearborn Offset Printing, Inc. $267.90 
Foremost Business Products $288.50 
Accuform Printing & Graphics, Inc. $299.90 
Compton Press Industries, LLC $321.04 
DBA Allscripts LLC $330.00 
Gary Printing Co. Inc $339.00 
Accurate Forms and Supplies $357.50 
Litho Services $360.00 
Artech Printing $392.00 
EGT Printing Solutions $478.17 
Premier Solutions Group $487.50 
JB Printing Corporation $523.00 
Dearborn Lithograph, Inc. $720.00 
Raze-It Printing, Inc. $150,000.00 
360 Services International No Bid 

 Item #1: 20 boxes of 500 #10 regular envelopes return address in pm300 City of Riverview (is in BOLD) 14100 Civic Park Drive Riverview, MI 48193-7600 (is regular) Shipping should be included with price quote and we are tax exempt.
Brand Requirement:  All Brands are Acceptable

Company Name Qty UOM Unit Cost Total Cost
Image Printing
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  #10-24 reg  
 Model Number:  1024r 
10000  EACH  $0.0220  $219.80 
R.b. Printing Service
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  R B Printing  
 Model Number:  #10 env 
10000  EACH  $0.0220  $220.00 
Dearborn Offset Printing, Inc.
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  #10 Regular envelopes  
 Model Number:  none 
10000  EACH  $0.0268  $267.90 
Foremost Business Products
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  Foremost's Best  
 Model Number:  N/A 
10000  EACH  $0.0288  $288.50 
Accuform Printing & Graphics, Inc.
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  #10 regular  
 Model Number:  #10 
10000  EACH  $0.0300  $299.90 
Compton Press Industries, LLC
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  western sulfite  
 Model Number:  #2584 
10000  EACH  $0.0321  $321.04 
DBA Allscripts LLC
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  24# white wove  
 Model Number:  WCE8651D 
10000  EACH  $0.0330  $330.00 
Gary Printing Co. Inc
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  #10 Regular Envelopes  
 Model Number:  24# White wove 
10000  EACH  $0.0339  $339.00 
Accurate Forms and Supplies
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  Love  
 Model Number:  #10std 
10000  EACH  $0.0358  $357.50 
Litho Services
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  As per specs  
 Model Number:  #1 
10000  EACH  $0.0360  $360.00 
Artech Printing
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  None  
 Model Number:  None 
10000  EACH  $0.0392  $392.00 
EGT Printing Solutions
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  24# White wove envelope  
 Model Number:  24# 
10000  EACH  $0.0478  $478.17 
Premier Solutions Group
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  Generic #10 Envelope  
 Model Number:  #10 
10000  EACH  $0.0488  $487.50 
JB Printing Corporation
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  #10 Regular Envelopes  
 Model Number:  #10 Regular Envelopes 
10000  EACH  $0.0523  $523.00 
Dearborn Lithograph, Inc.
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  24# White  
 Model Number:  1238 
10000  EACH  $0.0720  $720.00 
Raze-It Printing, Inc.
 Quoting Brand Below
 Manufacturer:  Western States  
 Model Number:  2596 
10000  EACH  $15.0000  $150,000.00 

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