Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority

Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority

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Closed Solicitations

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Rawsonville Road Sanitary Sewer Lining ITB-Rawsonville Road Sanitary Sewer Lining 08/13/2015
2015 Sludge Hauling and Disposal Services ITB-20151607 07/31/2015
Tyler Pond Trestle Replacement and Phase 3 Impoundment Drawdown ITB-Tyler Pond 07/10/2015
2015 Road Repairs Phase 2 ITB-2015 Road Repairs Phase 2 07/08/2015
Michigan Avenue Water Main Improvements ITB-Michigan Avenue WM 04/06/2015
Natural Gas RFP 2015 RFP-Natural Gas 2015 03/26/2015
2015 Road Repairs Phase 1 ITB-2015 Road Repairs Phase 1 03/10/2015
Limestone, Sand, and Cold Patch ITB-ycua1456001 10/17/2014
Willow Run WWTP Demolition ITB-Willow Run WWTP Demolition 10/07/2014
WWTP Incinerator SO2 Reduction ITB-WWTP Incinerator SO2 Reduction 10/07/2014
Whittaker and Bemis Sanitary Manhole Repair ITB-Whittaker and Bemis Sanitary Manhole Repair 09/29/2014
Request for Sealed Bids ITB-Incinerator Emission Testing 09/16/2014
2014 Sanitary Sewer Root Treatment ITB-2014 Sanitary Sewer Root Treatment 09/16/2014
Request for Sealed Bids ITB WWTP Bulk Chemicals 09/12/2014
2014 Road Repairs Phase 2 ITB-2014 Road Repairs Phase 2 07/02/2014
Big 4 Pump Stations HVAC Improvements ITB-Big 4 PS HVAC 07/02/2014
WWTP Grit Handling System Improvements ITB-WWTP Grit 07/02/2014
Snow Road Pump Station Force Main Repair ITB-Snow FM Repair 07/01/2014
Dye Dilution Testing and Engineering Services RFP-2014 Dye Dilution Testing 03/18/2014
2014 Road Repairs Phase 1 ITB-2014 Road Repairs Phase 1 03/12/2014
2013 Wastewater Flow Metering Equipment ITB-2013 Wastewater Flow Metering Equipment 10/16/2013
Limestone, Sand, and Cold Patch ITB-ycua13560001 09/18/2013
YCUA WWTP Incinerator Emission Testing 2013 RFP-Incinerator Emission Testing 2013 09/17/2013
Request for Bids- WWTP Chemicals ITB-WWTP Chemicals_2013 09/17/2013
2013 Spoils Disposal ITB-2013 Spoils Disposal 07/16/2013

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