Walled Lake Consolidated School

Walled Lake Consolidated School

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Closed Solicitations

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WLCSD IFB Football Equipment Reconditioning IFB-KM-14-0809 Football Equipment Reconditioning 08/09/2013
WLCSD IFB - Walled Lake TV Equipment IFB-KM-14-0809A Walled Lake TV Equipment 08/09/2013
Walled Lake Central Storage Shed IFB-KM-13-0517 05/17/2013
WLCSD - Door Replacement Project RFP-KM-13-0412 04/12/2013
WLCSD Pupil Transportation Services RFP-KM-13-0322 Pupil Transportation Services 03/22/2013
WLCSD Commerce Elementary School BAS Upgrade Project IFB-KM-13-0319 Commerce Elementary BAS Upgrade Project 03/19/2013
Request for quote - Aquatics Scoreboard RFQ-KM-0108 Aquatics Scoreboard 01/11/2013
Walled Lake Western Baseball & Softball Fields Renovations IFB-KM-13-0803 WLW Baseball & Softball Fields Renovations 08/03/2012
WLCSD Fire Inspection Services IFB-KM-13-0731 WLCSD Fire Inspection Services 07/31/2012
Pleasant Lake Portables Project IFB-KM-13-0710 Pleasant Lake Portables Project 07/10/2012
Concrete Replacement Project IFB-KM-12-0529 Concrete Replacement Project 05/29/2012
WLCSD Literacy Materials 12-0417A RFP-KM-12-0417A Literacy Materials 04/17/2012
WLCSD Convection Ovens 12-0417B RFP-KM-12-0417B Convection Ovens 04/17/2012
Request for Quotes - Classroom Chairs RFQ-KM-12-0411 04/11/2012
2012 Track Surface Renovation RFP-KM-12-0329 04/09/2012
2012 Track Surface Renovation RFP-KM-2012 Track Surface Renovation 12-0329 03/29/2012
WLCSD - Door Replacement Project RFP-KM-12-0322D Door Replacement Project 03/22/2012
WLCSD - Oakley Park Parking Lot Project IFB-KM-12-0322A Oakley Park Parking Lot Project 03/22/2012
WLCSD - Dublin Parking Lot Project IFB-KM-12-0322B Dublin Parking Lot Project 03/22/2012
WLCSD - CEC Parking Lot Redesign IFB-KM-12-0322C CEC Parking Lot Redesign 03/22/2012
Athletic Field Maintenance RFP-KM-12-0309 03/09/2012
Walnut Creek Middle School Energy Management System Upgrade RFP-KM-12-0216 Walnut Creek HVAC Controls 02/16/2012
Fresh Made Pizza RFP-LN-11-0628G 06/28/2011
Vending Beverage Bid - TEST RFP-LN-11-0627G - test 06/27/2011
District Beverage Vending RFP-LN-11-0627G 06/27/2011

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