Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation

Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Electrical Supplies 14-1559B 02/12/2015
Electrical Supplies 14-1559A 01/30/2015
Brake Rebuild for up to 40 New Flyer Buses RFP-14-1690 01/28/2015
Cosmetic Repairs for up to 40 New Flyer Buses RFP-15-1691 01/28/2015
Engine and Transmission Replacement for up to 40 New Flyer Buses RFP-15-1692 01/28/2015
Criminal Background Checks RFQ-15-1746 01/26/2015
IFB 14-1607A Propane Fueling Stations ITB-14-1607A 01/23/2015
Support Vehicles, Road Supervision ITB-14-1670 01/21/2015
Virtual Desktop and Monitor RFQ-15-1722 01/19/2015
Multi Function Copiers and Printers RFP-14-1576A 01/15/2015
Heavy Duty Batteries RFQ-14-1688 01/08/2015
Liqeufied Petroleum Gas (LPG) RFP-14-1628A 01/06/2015
SMART Wayne Terminal Parking Lot Concrete Overlay RFP-14- 1561A 12/17/2014
Camera System and Installation, LETC ITB-14-1675 12/12/2014
Multi Function Copiers and Printers ITB-14-1576 12/09/2014
Service, Inspection: 53 Diesel Powered and 60 Propane Buses RFP-14-1658 11/26/2014
Hoist Repairs and Annual Inspection RFP-14-1651 11/26/2014
Great Plains Annual Support and System Review RFQ- 1624A 11/25/2014
14-1648 Postage Meter Lease 14-1648A 11/24/2014
Propane Fueling Stations ITB-14-1607 11/21/2014
Raised-top Vans (22) with Wheelchair Lift ITB-14-1629 11/19/2014
RFQ 14-1663 Dell Latitude Extreme Laptop RFQ-14-1663 11/17/2014
14-1652 Irrigation System Maintenance 14-1652 11/13/2014
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ITB-14-1628 11/13/2014
RFP# 14-1622 WAN Service for SMART for 3 Years with 2-1 Yr Options RFP-14-1622 11/12/2014

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