Huntington Place Detroit

Huntington Place Detroit

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Closed Solicitations

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Carpentry Material-Southside Renovation RFP-RM-Carpentry Material -Southside Renovation 08/14/2013
Curtainwall Glass Cleaning RFP-RM-Curtainwall Glass Cleaning 08/13/2013
Phase IIIb Project C-2 HVAC Material RFP #4 RFP-DW-Phase IIIb Project C-2 HVAC Material RFP #4 08/09/2013
Tools RFP-RM-Phase IIIb, Project C-2 Tool 08/08/2013
Electrical Materials RFP-RM-Project C-2 Electrical Materials RFP No. 5 08/02/2013
Phase IIIb, Project C-8 Pantry Equipment RFP RFP-DW-Project C-8 Pantry Equipment 08/02/2013
Atwater Garage Selective Demolition RFP-RM-Phase IIIa Atwater Garage Selective Demolition 08/01/2013
Kitchen Smallwares and Portable Bars RFP-RM-Kitchen Smallwares and Portable Bars 07/16/2013
Operable Panel Refurbishment RFP-RM-Operable Panel Refurbishment 07/09/2013
Loading Dock Ramp Restoration RFP-RM-Loading Dock Ramp Restoration 06/12/2013
Concrete RFP-RM-Concrete 05/30/2013
Portable Performance Stage and Lift RFP-RM- Portable Performance Stage and Lift 05/28/2013
Lighting Inverters RFP-RM-Lighting Inverters 05/24/2013
Demolition RFP-RM-Demolition 05/15/2013
Wayfinding RFP-RM-Wayfinding 05/08/2013
Spray Applied Insulation RFP-RM-Spray Applied Insulation 05/03/2013
Fire Protection Design-Build RFP-RM-Fire Protection Design-Build 04/30/2013
Skilled Trade Labor RFP-RM-Skilled Trade Labor 04/30/2013
ACM Testing & Air Monitoring RFP-RM-ACM Testing & Air Monitoring 04/26/2013
Design/Build Roof Parking Lighting RFP-RM-Design/Build Roof Parking Lighting 04/26/2013
Roof Parking Wearing Course & Waterproofing RFP-RM-Roof Parking Wearing Course & Waterproofing 04/26/2013
Helix-Bridge Restoration RFP-RM-Helix-Bridge Restoration 04/26/2013
Banquet Chairs RFP-RM-Banquet Chairs 04/25/2013
Security Guard Services RFP-RM-Security Guard Services 03/26/2013
Window Shades RFP-RM-Window Shades 03/20/2013

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