Grand Traverse County Road Commission

Grand Traverse County Road Commission

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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East/West Corridor Development Project RFP-East/West Corridor Development Project 07/07/2017
Appplication of Pourable Pothole Materials RFP-2017 Pourable Pothole 05/31/2017
As needed Construction Services RFP-As-Needed Construction Services 02/13/2017
Oak Terrace Drive RFB-LT-Oak Terrace Drive 02/09/2017
Over-the-Road Tractor RFB-DH-Over-the-Road Tractor 01/18/2017
Power Broom RFB-DH-Power Broom 01/18/2017
Heavy Duty Tandem Winter Maintenance Trucks RFB-DH-Heavy-Duty, Tandem MTW 01/18/2017
Legal Services RFP-Legal Services 01/18/2017
Technology Consultant RFB-LT-Technology Consultant 01/18/2017
Employee Benefits Agent RFB-LT-Emp Ben Agent 01/18/2017
Audit Services RFB-LT-Audit Services 01/18/2017
2017 General Fund Projects RFB-LT-2017 General Fund Projects 01/13/2017
Uniforms & Mats-2016 RFP-Uniforms and Mats-2016 10/27/2016
Lubricants RFP-Lubricants 2016 10/27/2016
Diesel & Unleaded Fuel 2016 RFP-DIESEL & UNLEADED FUEL-2016 10/20/2016
Professional Videography Production Services RFP-Videography 09/19/2016
16E010 - Oak Terrace Drive RFB-LT-16E010 - Oak Terrace Drive 07/27/2016
RFP US-31 Near Incredible Mo's RFP- US-31 NEAR INCREDIBLE MO'S 07/12/2016
Asphalt Emulsion Materials RFB-LT-Asphalt Emulsion Materials 04/21/2016
Chip Lock Fog Seal RFB-LT-Chip Lock Fog Seal 04/21/2016
Equipment with Operator RFB-LT-Equipment with Operator. 04/21/2016
Enclosed Trailer RFB-LT-Enclosed Trailer 04/21/2016
15E009 - Townline Road RFB-LT- 15E009 - Townline Road 04/15/2016
Guardrail Installation and Materials 2016 RFB-LT-Guardrail Installation and Materials 03/28/2016

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