City of Wyandotte

City of Wyandotte

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Closed Solicitations

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Basketball Court and Equipment ITB-File 4596 Basketball Court and Equipment 09/17/2012
File #4594 Wyandotte General Contractor NPS2 bid Package #6 RFP-4594 Wyandotte General Contractor NSP2 Bid Package #6 09/10/2012
Concrete Street and Alley Repair and Reconstruction Program ITB-4595 2012 Concrete Street and Alley Repair and Recon 08/27/2012
File #4593 Development of 3061-3063 Biddle Avenue RFQ-File #4593 Deveopment of 3061-63 Biddle Ave, Wyandotte 08/27/2012
City of Wyandotte - 2012 Generator Maintenance Program ITB- File 4576-2012 Generator Maintenance Program, Wyandotte 08/13/2012
Wyandotte Museum Chimney Removal/Replacement RFP-4582 Wyandotte Museum Chimney Removal/Replacement 08/06/2012
File #4588 Exterior Repairs Log Cabin in Wyandotte, Michigan RFP-4588 Exterior Repairs & Restorationof Log Cabin Wyandott 08/06/2012
File 4589 Renovation for City Hall Offices ITB-4589 Renovation of 3rd Floor 3200 Biddle 07/23/2012
File #4590 Wyandotte Furniture New City Hall RFP-File #4590 Wyandotte Furniture 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floor 07/23/2012
Open Top Roll Off Containers ITB-4587 07/09/2012
File 4580 - 2012 Block Grant HMA Resurfacing Project ITB-File 4580 Block Grant HMA Resurfacing 06/11/2012
File 4581 2012 HMA Resurfacing Program ITB-File 4581 2012 HMA Resurfacing 06/11/2012
Museum Chimney Removal and Replacement, Wyandotte, MI CSP-File #4582 06/04/2012
Sanitary Sewer Repair and Storm Sewer Construction ITB-File 4577 Sewer Repair and Construction 06/04/2012
Roof Restoration at Marx Home, 2630 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, MI ITB-File 4579 06/04/2012
Bishop Park Dredging Project, Wyandotte, Michigan CSP-File #4584 05/14/2012

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