City of Southgate

City of Southgate

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Closed Solicitations

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Golf Course Maintenance Contract & Specifications ITB-LW-183 06/01/2017
Market Center Park Pavilion Improvements ITB-LW-182 05/30/2017
HVAC Removal and Installation ITB-SB-537 05/23/2017
Retrofitting of 10 Jail Cell Doors ITB-LW-181 05/12/2017
Police Department - Partial Roof Replacement ITB-SB-536 05/04/2017
2017 DWRF Water Main Lining Program ITB-LW-179 04/11/2017
Proposal and Specifications for: (21AA) Gravel ITB-SB-535 03/22/2017
Proposal and Specifications for: Pressure Washer ITB-SB-534 03/22/2017
Proposal and Specifications: Roof Leak & Maintenance Repair ITB-SB-533 03/14/2017
Proposal and Specifications for: (Fill) Sand ITB-SB-530 03/10/2017
Proposal and Specifications for: Concrete (Ready-Mix) ITB-SB-532 03/09/2017
Proposal and Specifications for: Topsoil ITB-SB-531 03/08/2017
Civic Center ADA Entry Doors ITB-LW-178 02/21/2017
Heating and Cooling Equipment Maintenance Agreement ITB-SB-529 01/31/2017
Proposal and Specifications: The Purchase and Delivery of Trees ITB-SB-528 01/27/2017
Property Demo ITB-SB-527 10/28/2016
Property Demo ITB-SB-526 10/28/2016
Fire Department Source Capture Vehicle Exhause Removal System ITB-LW-177 08/17/2016
Spouthgate Library Parking lot Recon & Nature Center Pathway RFI-LW-176 06/07/2016
Pruning and Maintenance of Trees ITB-SB-524 05/27/2016
Tree and Stump Removal ITB-SB-523 05/27/2016
Automotive Parts ITB-SB-525 05/27/2016
Purchase of Aluminum Bleachers ITB-LW-175 05/11/2016
Water System Supplies Copper Tubing ITB-SB-520 04/05/2016

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