City of Pontiac

City of Pontiac

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Closed Solicitations

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Street Lighting Maintenance RFP RFP-Street Lighting Maintenance 10/05/2012
Traffic Signal Maintenance RFP RFP-Traffic Signal Maintenance 10/05/2012
Street Sign RFP RFP- Street Sign 10/05/2012
Street Sweeping - Pontiac RFP-Street Sweeping 09/28/2012
Demolition CDBG Funds RFP- Demolition CDBG 09/11/2012
Demolition NSP 3 RFP- Demo NSP 3 09/11/2012
Asbestos Abatement RFP- Asbestos Abatement 09/11/2012
Asbestos Surveyor RFP-Asbestos Surveyor 09/11/2012
Street Lighting Retrofit Installation RFP-Retrofit Street Lighting 08/10/2012
Street Lighting RFP-Street Lighting 08/03/2012
Demolition of the Phoenix Center RFP- Demolition Phoenix Center 06/26/2012
Lawn Cutting and Debris Removal RFP-Lawn Cutting and Debris Removal 06/04/2012
Pavement Striping and Pavement Marking RFP-Pavement Striping 05/24/2012
Mowing Bid RFP-Mowing Services 04/27/2012
CCTV RFP-CCTV 04/18/2012
Tree Planting RFP-Tree Planting 04/17/2012
Voice over IP Equipment & Installation RFP-VOIP 03/23/2012
Structural Test RFP-002 02/14/2012
Roof replacement of Pontiac Sheriff Substation and City Hall RFP-R01 11/11/2011
Environmental Control System for City Of Pontiac ITB-0217011 02/17/2011
Request for Proposals for HVAC & Plumbing Services RFP-02142011 02/14/2011
Provision of Amphitheater Management Services RFP-01/28/2011 01/28/2011
Reconstruction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd S RFP-01/26/2011 01/26/2011
STREET LIGHT BID RFP-12/7/2010 12/07/2010
2010 Bowens Center Kitchen Renovation RFP-11/30/2010 11/30/2010

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