City of Mt. Pleasant

City of Mt. Pleasant

Welcome to the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network on behalf of City of Mt. Pleasant

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Closed Solicitations

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Water Rescue Helmets RFQ-016 08/06/2009
Fire Pagers RFQ-014 07/10/2009
Pager Batteries RFQ-015 07/10/2009
Foam Sticks for POK Foam Nozzle RFQ-012 05/08/2009
Water Based Smoke Fluid RFQ-013 05/08/2009
N95 Respirators RFQ-011 05/04/2009
Minitor V Pagers RFQ-010 02/06/2009
Traffic Safety Vests RFQ-009 01/30/2009
Minitor V Pagers RFQ-008 01/26/2009
YSU Car Bid ITB-005 06/24/2008
Fire Fighting Turnout Gear Washing Machine RFQ-007 04/25/2008
“DPS Patrol Car –April 21st, 2008”. ITB-001 04/21/2008
Hazardous Material Level B Equipment RFQ-006 04/01/2008
Ultrasonic Cleaning System RFQ-005 03/07/2008
Annual Fire Sprinkler System Inspection RFQ-004 12/03/2007
Office Chairs RFQ-002 10/25/2007
Half Facepiece Respirator RFQ-003 10/25/2007
Roof Replacement Public Safety Building ITB-Roof replacement 10/08/2007

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