City of Midland

City of Midland

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Annual Crushed Limestone ITB-3843 02/07/2017
Annual Concrete Supply ITB-3844 02/07/2017
Water Distribution Fittings ITB-3845 02/07/2017
Seal Coating for Parks Rail Trail RFQ-1847 02/07/2017
HDPE Pipe RFQ-1848 02/07/2017
Bar Screen and Washing Press ITB-3837 01/31/2017
2017 Downtown Flowers ITB-3840 01/31/2017
2017 DDA Event Planning and Marketing RFP-3836 01/17/2017
Cemetery Fertilizer RFQ-1845 01/17/2017
Midland Water Treatment Plant Boiler Replacement ITB-3793 01/10/2017
Pump for Primary Clarifier RFQ-1844 12/30/2016
2017 Bayliss Street Reconstruction and Water Main; Contract No. 2 ITB-3835 12/20/2016
Rifle Scopes and Sights ITB-3833 11/29/2016
Water Distribution Fittings ITB-3834 11/22/2016
Aluminum for Trickling Filter ITB-3832 11/22/2016
Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage ITB-3830 11/15/2016
Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation ITB-3831 11/08/2016
2016 Gas Collection and Control System Upgrade Construction ITB-3812 10/18/2016
Meadowbrook Ash Tree Removal ITB-3810 10/18/2016
Water Distribution Fittings ITB-3811 10/11/2016
Pavement Cores and Soil Borings on City Streets RFQ-1843 10/10/2016
Peladow Ice Melter Bags RFQ-1842 10/06/2016
2016 Center City Signal Pole Painting Project; Contract No. 24 ITB-3807 10/04/2016
Outboard Motor RFQ-1841 10/04/2016
Replacement Pump RFQ-1840 10/04/2016

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