City of Lincoln Park

City of Lincoln Park

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Closed Solicitations

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Lincoln Park DDA Snow Removal Services 2017 Snow Removal 2017 06/14/2017
RFP-026 Tree Services RFP-026 06/14/2017
RFP-027 City Infrastructure & Utility Repairs RFP-027 06/14/2017
023 House Demo Bid 1453 Cicotte RFP-023 06/07/2017
RFP-025 As Needed Trucking Services RFP-025 06/07/2017
RFP-024 Engineering Services RFP-024 06/07/2017
RFP-020 Banking Services RFP-020 05/03/2017
RFP-021 Auditing Services RFP-021 05/03/2017
RFP 022 LPDDA Snow Removal Package RFP-022 04/18/2017
RFP-019 Riverbank Reconstruction RFP-019 04/12/2017
RFP-018 Emulsion RFP-018 Emulsion 04/05/2017
2017 Asphalt Resurfacing Program RFP-015 03/29/2017
2017 Concrete Sectioning and Utility Pavement Repairs RFP-016 03/29/2017
RFP-017 Assessing RFP Final RFP-017 03/29/2017
RFP-014 Invitation Asphalt and Stone bid 2017 RFP-014 02/08/2017
RFP-013 Overall Garfield Properties Demo RFP-013 02/01/2017
RFP-012 Invitation to Bid 2017 SAW GRANT Sanitary Sewer Cleaning RFP-012 01/18/2017
RFP-011 Invitation to Bid Vacant Lot Morris RFP-011 01/04/2017
RFP-008 Retention Basin Pond Protection Project RFP-008 12/21/2016
RFP-009 House Demo Invitation to Bid 839 Lincoln RFP-009 12/21/2016
RFP-007 Sliding Doors For Bandshell RFP-007 Sliding Doors For Bandshell 11/23/2016
The City of Lincoln Park Pride Program Services: RFP 001-RFP 11/16/2016
RFP-003 OVERALL Grounds Maintenance RFP-003 11/16/2016
RFP-005 OVERALL Janitorial RFP-005 11/16/2016
RFP-006 OVERALL IT RFP-006 11/16/2016

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