City of Garden City

City of Garden City

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Cold Patch Material ITB-NM-2017-06-15-1000 06/15/2017
Moeller Park Restroom Building ITB-NM-2017-06-14-1000 06/14/2017
Housing Rehabilitation Case #14-01-010 ITB-NM-17-05-11-1100 05/25/2017
HD Camerera, Wiring, RFP-NM-2017-05-11-1030 05/11/2017
2017 Water Main Improvements Program ITB-NM-2017-05-11 05/11/2017
Vehicle Sale ITB-NM-2017-04-13 04/13/2017
2017 Sidewalk Replacement Program ITB-NM-2017-03-15 03/15/2017
Ford and Harrison Sanitary Sewer Re-Routing ITB-NM-2017-0307-200 03/07/2017
Newtek Tricaster 410 RFP-NM-2017-0208-1000 02/08/2017
Housing Rehabilitation Case 12-01-02 ITB-NM-12-22-2016-01 12/22/2016
CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program ITB-NM-12-22-2016-02 12/22/2016
Library Space Needs Assessment RFP-NM-2016-1207-0400 12/07/2016
Garden City Locker Room Addition ITB-NM-2016-1122 11/22/2016
City Hall Sign and Video/Message Board RFP-NM-20160929-1000 10/17/2016
Gutter and Downspouts at Garden City Ice Arena RFP-NM-20161013-900 10/13/2016
Moeller Park Restroom Renovations RFP-NM-20160928-1000 09/28/2016
Garden City Locker Room Addition RFP-NM-20160920-400 09/20/2016
Sanitary Sewer Cleaning CCTV ITB-NM-20160907-1000 09/07/2016
Housing Rehab 16-01-002 ITB-CM-Housing Rehab 16-01-002 07/28/2016
Housing Rehabilitation Case #16-01-001 ITB-CM-16-01-001 07/28/2016
Generator Maintenance and Repairs ITB-CM-Generator Maintenance and Repairs 06/30/2016
Garden City Fire Station Bay Doors ITB-CM-Fire Station Bay Doors 06/15/2016
Police Vehicle Outfitting 2016 ITB-CM-2016 Police Car Outfit 06/06/2016
Hubbard Avenue Reconstruction ITB-CM-Hubbard Ave Reconstruction 05/24/2016
Neighborhood Stabilization Program Request for Qualifications RFP-CM-2016 NSP 05/23/2016

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