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City of Dearborn

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Closed Solicitations

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Dunworth Pool Renovation - Phase III - Diving Well Conversion RFP-127718-Diving Well Conversion 07/20/2017
On-Call Mechanical and Electrical Services RFP-222222- On-Call Mechanical & Electrical Services 07/06/2017
Purchase & Install of a Pre-Fab Restroom Facility at Levagood Park ITB-127381-Pre-Fabricated Restroom Facility at Levagood Park 07/05/2017
Demolition of 7600 Greenfield ITB-127787-Demolition of 7600 Greenfield 07/05/2017
Flooring Restoration and Repair RFQ-128057-Flooring Restoration and Repair 06/29/2017
Portable Toilet Rental for Homecoming 2017 RFQ-128012-Portable Toilet Rental 06/29/2017
Trailer Rental for Homecoming Festival 2017 RFQ-128014-Trailer Rental 06/22/2017
Qualifications for Architectural and Engineering Services SOQ-442382-Architectural and Engineering Services 06/22/2017
2017 Ford Transit (Recreation) ITB-127271-2017 Ford Transit (Recreation) 06/21/2017
Levagood Park Parking Lot Asphalt Resurfacing ITB-128003-Levagood Park Parking Lot Asphalt Resurfacing 06/21/2017
Rubber Flooring Installation RFQ-126932-Rubber Flooring Installation 06/16/2017
Netclock/GPS Time Server RFQ-127745-Netclock/GPS Time Server 06/16/2017
Unarmed Security Services for Camp Dearborn RFP-126807B-Unarmed Security Services 06/15/2017
L-3 Communications Equipment Installation for Interview Rooms RFQ-127900A-INTERVIEW ROOM CAMERAS 06/15/2017
Boss Plow Furnish and Install RFQ-127989-Boss Plow Furnish and Install 06/15/2017
RFP-122272-IBM Power 8 Server RFP-122272-IBM Power 8 Server 06/15/2017
Heavy Duty Service Body ITB-127697-Heavy Duty Service Body 06/14/2017
Removal & Disposal of Logs in the DPW Yard RFQ-127953-Removal & Disposal of Logs 06/14/2017
Bulletproof Vests ITB-128010-Bulletproof Vests 06/14/2017
Generator Rental for Homecoming 2017 RFQ-127864B-Generator Rental 06/14/2017
Hydraulic Cylinders and Motor Rebuilds RFQ-127405-Hydraulic Cylinders and Motor Rebuilds 06/08/2017
Complete Abatement of Seven City-Owned Properties RFQ-127817-House Abatement 06/08/2017
Starters and Alternators RFQ-127408-Starters and Alternators 06/08/2017
Topographic Surveys for Future Construction Projects ITB-127793-Topographic Surveys 06/07/2017
City-Wide Printing RFP-127430-City-Wide Printing 06/07/2017

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