City of Auburn Hills Police Department

City of Auburn Hills Police Department

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Closed Solicitations

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Trijicon MRO Rifle Optics ITB-CM-2016-2 04/01/2016
Panasonic Arbitrator 360HD In-Car Video System ITB-CM-2016-1 02/19/2016
Police Vehicle Equipment Changeover ITB-CM-2016 09/09/2015
Interview Recording and Management System ITB-CM- Interview Recording Management System 04/30/2015
Building Access Control System ITB-CM-14 06/13/2014
Police Uniforms and Uniform Equipment ITB-EA-14 02/28/2014
Emergency Medical Dispatching Software ITB-CM-2014-2 01/31/2014
2014 Body Armor ITB-CM-2014 Body Armor 01/23/2014
Emergency Medical Dispatching Software System RFP-CM-2014 01/06/2014
Pistol Practice Rounds RFQ-CM-Pistol Practice Rounds 2013 04/12/2013
Rifle Practice Ammunition RFQ-CM-Rifle Practice Rounds 2013 04/12/2013
Less Lethal Bean Bag Rounds RFQ-CM-Less Lethal 2013 04/12/2013
12 Gauge Federal Tactical Rounds RFQ-CM-Shot gun rounds 2013 04/12/2013
Speed Display Trailer RFQ-CM-AHPD130099 04/09/2013
Speed Display & Changeable Message Trailer ITB-CM-2013 Speed Display 03/18/2013
2013 Police Vehicle Upfit Bid ITB-CM-2013 Vehicle Upfit 02/07/2013
Purchase of Glock Generatoin IV pistols with trade in of Glock 23 ITB-CM-Glock Generation 4 11/07/2012
Hydraulic Rescue Tools ITB-CM-Fire Department Hydraulic Tools 05/18/2012
Pistol Practice Rounds RFQ-CM-01 04/13/2012
Rifle Practice Ammunition RFQ-CM-02 04/13/2012
Less Lethal Bean Bag Rounds RFQ-CM-03 04/13/2012
2012 Vehicle Changeover Bid ITB-CM-03 04/12/2012
Sure Fire Sound Suppressors ITB-CM-2012 Suppressors 02/23/2012
2012 Duty and Practice Ammuntion ITB-CM-2012 Ammo Bid 02/23/2012

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