City of Allen Park

City of Allen Park

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Closed Solicitations

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Allen Road Pavement Striping ITB-MM-2017 Pavement Marking 05/24/2017
RFQ for professional municipal planning services RFP-MM-Planner 2017 02/28/2017
Demolition of 5846 Balfour ITB-MM-Demolition of 5846 Balfour 11/01/2016
Watermain Replacement Warwick & Arlington ITB-MM-Watermain Replacement Warwick & Arlington 08/11/2016
Vehicle Exhaust Removal Sysytem ITB-MM-Vehicle Exhaust Removal 07/21/2016
Security Cameras APCC ITB-MM-Security Camera Community Center 05/11/2016
AP21 Fire Dept. HVAC Upgrades ITB-MM-Fire Dept. HVAC Upgrades 04/28/2016
Allen Road Striping ITB-MM-Allen Road Pavement Striping 04/27/2016
Sanitary Pump Station ITB-MM-Sanitary Pump Station - Watson 04/26/2016
Playground Equiptment ITB-MM-Playground Equiptment 04/20/2016
2016 CITY STREET SECTIONING PROGRAM ITB-MM-Street Sectioning 03/29/2016
Allen Park Street Pavement Repair ITB-MM-AP-Street Pavement Repair 2016 03/02/2016
Allen Park CDBG Pavement Repair ITB-MM-AP-CDBG Pavement Repair 03/01/2016
Hauling Broken Water Main Spoils ITB-MM-2016 Hauling Spoils 01/20/2016
Demolition of Structures ITB-MM-Demolition 01- 2016 01/19/2016
Bid for Soft Body Armor ITB-MM-2015 Soft Body Armor 11/27/2015
Master Plan Update ITB-MM-Master Plan Update 07/28/2015
Operational Services ITB-MM-Operational Service Bid 07/14/2015
Municipal Engineering Services ITB-MM-Engineering Services 07/14/2015
2015 Lighting Upgrades and Replacement at the AP Community Center ITB-MM-lighting for Community Center 07/09/2015
Cunningham Park Roof Bid ITB-MM-Cunningham Park Roof Bid 05/06/2015
2015 CDBG Pavement Repair Program PY 13 ITB-MM-2015 CDBG Pavement Repair PY 2013 04/20/2015
2015 CDBG Pavement Repair Program PY 14 ITB-MM-2015 CDBG Pavement Repair PY 2014 04/20/2015
2015 Gasboy Fuel Pump System Repair ITB-MM-GASBOY Fuel Pump Repair Rebid 04/16/2015
2015 City of Allen Park Bituminous Repair Program ITB-MM-Bituminous Repair 2015 04/16/2015

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