Charter Township of Redford

Charter Township of Redford

Welcome to the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network on behalf of Charter Township of Redford

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Closed Solicitations

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LED Display Sign Installation Project ITB- 2017-2018 06/15/2017
SNAP II Program - Developers (2017-2018) RFQ- 2017-2018 05/25/2017
Refuse Collection and Disposal Contract ITB-41217 05/11/2017
Lawn Maintenance Services RFP-32917 04/13/2017
Pressure Reducing Valves Installation Project ITB101216 11/03/2016
Request for quotation for Redford District Library snow removal RFP-7.21.2016 08/19/2016
Claude Allison Tennis Court Resurfacing ITB- Claude Allison Tennis Court 2016-17 06/02/2016
SNAP II Program - Developers (PY 2016-2017) RFQ-2016-2017 05/26/2016
Water Main Replacement ITB-Phase XIII Water Main Replacement Program 05/26/2016
VoIP & Telephony Carrier Services for Redford Township RFP-VoIP & Telephony Carrier Services 05/12/2016
SNAP II Program - Developers (2016-2017) RFQ- 2016-2017 05/04/2016
Claude Allison Park Project ITB-Claude Allison Park Improvement 04/14/2016
Redford Twp District Library Bid Request for Landscaping Services ITB-District Library Landscaping Services 03/11/2016
SNAP II Program - Developers (Project Year 2015-2016) RFQ-SNAP II DEV 2015-2016 05/28/2015
Loading & Hauling Stockpiled/Excess Dirt Project ITB-Loading & Hauling Stockpiled/Excess Dirt Project 10/09/2014
Redford Twp District Library Cafe RFP-Libraray Cafe 08/25/2014
Stabilizing Neighborhoods Action Plan (SNAP II) Program RFP-SNAP II Program 05/29/2014
2014 Sidewalk Replacement Project #25-610 RFP-2014 Sidewalk Replacement Project #25-610 04/24/2014
Workers' Compensation Insurance RFP-Workers' Compensation Insurance 03/27/2014
Landscaping Services Redford Township District Library RFP-Landscaping Services, Library 03/14/2014
Phase XII Water Main Project Project #25-437 ITB-Phaxe XII Water Main Project C.J. & Co. Project #25-437 03/06/2014
Implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program ITB-Water Meters 02/20/2014
Employee Benefits Agent RFP-Employee Benefits Agent 02/06/2014
Emergency Generator & Fuel Storage Tank Replacement Project ITB-Generator & Storage Tank Replacement Project 12/12/2013

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