Charter Township of Plymouth

Charter Township of Plymouth

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Closed Solicitations

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2017 Road Joint and Crack Sealing Program ITB-PF-024 05/04/2017
Landscape Maintenance and Turf Fertilzation Services ITB-ML-PT317 03/24/2017
Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection ITB-PF-2017-01 02/09/2017
Township Park Playscape RFP-SP-16-003 10/31/2016
Structural Fire Fighting Hose RFQ-DP-2016-001 07/15/2016
Soccer Park Drainage RFP-SP-16-002 06/10/2016
Hunters Creek Road Rehabilitation S.A.D. ITB-PF-21 06/08/2016
Deer Creek Road Rehabilitation S.A.D. ITB-PF-22 06/08/2016
Metal roof repainting project. ITB-ML-16-002 06/03/2016
Ridgewood Hills Road Rehabilitation S.A.D. ITB-PF-20 06/01/2016
Plymouth Commons Road Rehabilitation S.A.D. ITB-PF-019 05/26/2016
Plymouth Community Fireworks RFP-AW-PT16-001 04/12/2016
2016 Sidewalk Repair Program ITB-PF-018 04/07/2016
2016 Road Crack Sealing Program ITB-PF-017 04/05/2016
Wastewater Asset Management Plan Development RFP-PF-016 12/17/2015
Plymouth Township Website Redesign and Hosting RFP-SP-PT 15-010 09/18/2015
Request for Quotes - Plymouth Twp Facilities Rubbish Collection ITB-PF-08122015 09/01/2015
Plymouth Township Website Redesign and Hosting RFP-SP-PT 15-009 08/27/2015
Request for Qualifications - General Engineering RFP-PF-015 08/11/2015
Recreation Needs Assessment Survey RFP-SP-15-007 07/17/2015
RFP Community Park, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plan RFP-SP-PT15-008 07/17/2015
Park Pathways Repaving Project ITB-SP-PT15-004 06/11/2015
West Parking Lot Improvements Asphalt ITB-SP-15-005 West Parking Lot Improvements 06/11/2015
West Parking Lot Improvements Concrete ITB-SP-PT15-006 West Parking Lot Improvements Concrete 06/11/2015
400,000 Gallon Spheroid Overcoat ITB-PF-013 05/27/2015

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