Charter Township of Independence

Charter Township of Independence

Welcome to the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network on behalf of Charter Township of Independence

Charter Township of Independence Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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Lakeview Cemetery Columbariums RFB-DM-18272 06/28/2017
Bay Court Paving Project RFB-DS-Bay Court Paving Project 05/16/2017
Fireworks Bid Request RFB-LC-Fireworks 02/10/2017
Senior Community Center Emergency Standby Generator RFB-BR-Emergency Generator2 02/07/2017
Senior Community Center Emergency Standby Generator RFB-BR-Emergency Generator 01/27/2017
RFP Engineering Services Clintonville Road Safety Path Project RFP-DZ-8-2017 11/18/2016
Backstop Poles/Netting for Baseball/Softball Fields RFP-DS-Backstop Poles/Netting 11/04/2016
Brick Backstop Construction for Baseball/Softball Fields RFP-DS-Backstops 10/17/2016
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) RFP-BP-001 09/22/2016
Tables & Chairs- Senior Community Center RFB-BR-Tables & Chairs 08/24/2016
Senior Community Center Carpet RFB-BR-CARPET 08/08/2016
Avington Park Road Paving SAD RFB-SB-0030 04/27/2016
Electrical Upgrade at Brady Lodge RFP-KE-102-Lodge 03/24/2016
Request for Proposal for Playground Construction RFP-KE-CW-101 03/18/2016
Request for Catalog Printing and Mailing RFB-KE-2016-001 02/16/2016
Fireworks Show RFB-KE-2016-002 02/05/2016
Request for Proposal for Professional Auditing Services RFP-WT-10052015Audit 11/13/2015
Bell Tower Repairs at Brady Lodge RFB-KE-Lodge-Bell 11/12/2015
Tightrope Cablecast Media Broadcast System ITB-JB-2015-01 09/22/2015
Request for Legal Services RFP-LC-2015-01 09/01/2015
Fire Hose - Ponn Conquest 1.75 RFQ-RP-2015-01 07/17/2015
Fire Hose - Ponn Conquest 2.5 RFQ-RP-2015-02 07/17/2015
Fire Hose - Kocheck 4.0 RFQ-RP-2015-03 07/17/2015
Request for Chair Bids RFB-KE-SR101 06/10/2015

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