Bloomfield Township

Bloomfield Township

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Closed Solicitations

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2014 Concrete Repair Program ITB-NM-2014 Concrete Repair Program A 05/13/2014
Bloomfield Township 2014 Asphalt Resurfacing Program ITB-RD-2014 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 04/29/2014
Echo Park Subdivision Road Paving SAD #409 ITB-NM- Echo Park Subdivision Paving 04/15/2014
Long Pointe Drive Santiary Sewer Extension ITB-NM-Long Pointe Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension 04/15/2014
Carillon Hills Subdivision Road Paving SAD #408 ITB-NM-Carillon Hills Subdivision Road Repaving SAD #408 04/08/2014
Engineering Services for the Forest Lake - Lake Board RFP-NM-Forest Lake - Lake Board 03/24/2014
Bloomfield Township Lightining Protection Design and Installation RFP-NM-Lightning Protection 10/28/2013
Big Beaver Road PRV Vault ITB-NM-Big Beaver Road PRV Vault 09/04/2013
Bloomfield Village Water System Enhancement Program - Phase I ITB-NM-Village Phase I 08/26/2013
Quarton Road Watermain Extension ITB-NM-Quarton Road Watermain Extension 08/05/2013
2013 Single Axle Truck w/Winter Equipment ITB-NM-2013 Sigle Axle Dump w/ Winter Equipment 07/15/2013
2013 Asphalt Resurfacing Program ITB-NM-2013 Asphalt Resurfacing Program 06/10/2013
2013 Concrete Repair Program ITB-NM-Concrete 2013A 04/23/2013
2013 Concrete Repair Program ITB-NM-Concrete 2013 04/23/2013
Wing Lake Sanitary Sewer Investigation and Rehabilitation ITB-NM-Wing Lake Sanitary Sewer 03/12/2013
State Highway Landscape Maintenance RFP-KS-STATE-HIGHWAY-LANDSCAPE-MAINT-2013 03/11/2013
Romford Drive Santiary Sewer Extension ITB-NM-Romford Drive Santiary Sewer Extension 01/21/2013
Master Meter Vault Improvements ITB-NM-PRV Vaults 11/13/2012
McEwen Drive Sanitary Sewer Extension ITB-NM-EESD-2807 09/18/2012
2012 Safety Path Program Signal Modifications ITB-NM-Ped Signal 2012 09/13/2012
2012 Concrete Repair Program ITB-NM-012 August 08/14/2012
2012 Sanitary Sewer Inspection and Rehabilitation Program ITB-NM-06052012 06/05/2012
2012 Tri-Party Program Andover Road ITB-NM-2012 Tri-Party Program Andover Road 05/09/2012
Bloomfield Township - 2012 Safety Path Program RFP-NM-2012 Safety Path HRC#20110470 05/02/2012
State Highway Tree Spraying RFP-RD-2012 02/01/2012

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