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City of Riverview » RFQ-window envelopes - Price quote for window envelopes

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Deadline:  06/20/2012 prior to 2:00 PM  E.D.T.
Title:  Price quote for window envelopes
Information Posted:  6/26/2012 
Supporting Document:  There is no supporting document available.

The following companies either responded with pricing or submitted a no bid.

Company Name(s) Amount of Award Line Item Number(s)
Image Printing $249.90   All Line Items
 Item #1: 20 boxes of 500 window #10 envelopes 1" from bottom return address in pm300 City of Riverview (is in BOLD) 14100 Civic Park Drive Riverview, MI 48193-7600 (is in regular) Shipping should be included in your quote and we are tax exempt.
Brand Requirement:  All Brands are Acceptable
Award Company Name Qty UOM Unit Cost Extended Cost
Image Printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 10-24 window  
Model Number: 1024w 
10000    EACH  $0.0250    $249.90   
Dearborn Offset Printing, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: #10 Window Envelope  
Model Number: None 
10000    EACH  $0.0296    $295.50   
R.b. Printing Service
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: R B Printing  
Model Number: #10 Window env 
10000    EACH  $0.0312    $312.00   
Raze-It Printing, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Western States  
Model Number: 3105 
10000    EACH  $0.0320    $320.00   
Foremost Business Products
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Foremost's Best  
Model Number: N/A 
10000    EACH  $0.0328    $328.50   
Accuform Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: envelope  
Model Number: #10 
10000    EACH  $0.0330    $329.90   
Compton Press Industries, LLC
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: western sulfite  
Model Number: #3112 or #3341 
10000    EACH  $0.0354    $353.95   
Gary Printing Co. Inc
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: #10 Window Envelopes  
Model Number: 24# withe wove 
10000    EACH  $0.0372    $372.00   
Litho Services
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: All Brands  
Model Number: #1 
10000    EACH  $0.0385    $385.00   
Artech Printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: None       
Model Number: None 
10000    EACH  $0.0442    $442.00   
EGT Printing Solutions
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 24# white wove - std window envelope  
Model Number: 24# 
10000    EACH  $0.0516    $515.75   
JB Printing Corporation
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: #10 Window envelopes  
Model Number: #10 Window Envelopes 
10000    EACH  $0.0548    $548.00   
Dearborn Lithograph, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 24# White  
Model Number: 1239 
10000    EACH  $0.0722    $722.00   
No Award
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