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City of Troy - MI » RFQ-COT 10-10000150 Green Approved Stickers - Green Approved Stickers/Labels

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Deadline:  10/26/2009 prior to 5:00 PM  E.D.T.
Title:  Green Approved Stickers/Labels
Information Posted:  10/27/2009 
Supporting Document:  There is no supporting document available.

The following companies either responded with pricing or submitted a no bid.

Company Name(s) Amount of Award Line Item Number(s)
On Time Label $350.00   All Line Items
 Item #1: 25,000 each "APPROVED" labels - Size 4" x 2" - Black Ink on 60# Fluorescent Green on one side, either stickers or crack & peel backing. F.O.B. Delivery, freight paid
Brand Requirement:  No Brand Name Specified
Award Company Name Qty UOM Unit Cost Extended Cost
The Riegle Press, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Green Approved Stickers  
Model Number: Green Fluoescent Sticker  
25    EACH  $0.0262    $0.66   
On Time Label
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: On Time Label  
Model Number: otl42g 
25    EACH  $14.0000    $350.00   
custom promotions
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: #3499 butt-cut roll labels on florescent paper  
Model Number: #3499 butt-cut roll labels on  
25    EACH  $16.5000    $412.50   
egi Solutions
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Std. Green fluorescent on rolls  
Model Number: 60# pressure sensitive 
25    EACH  $19.5000    $487.50   
Image Printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: per specs  
Model Number: per specs 
25    EACH  $19.5300    $488.25   
R.b. Printing Service
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: R B Printing  
Model Number:  Green Labels 
25    EACH  $20.5900    $514.75   
c &h printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: showcase  
Model Number: fluorescent green 
25    EACH  $21.1200    $528.00   
Sir Speedy Printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Crack and Peal  
Model Number: Showcase 
25    EACH  $21.4800    $537.00   
Moonlight Printing
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: as per specified, crack n peel  
Model Number: flo. green 
25    EACH  $22.2800    $557.00   
Genesis Service Associates, LLC
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 60# Flourescent  
Model Number: 60# Flourescent 
25    EACH  $22.7600    $569.00   
Gemini Forms & Systems
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Gemini Labels  
Model Number: #48309 
25    EACH  $23.2000    $580.00   
Rotary Multiforms, Inc
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 60# Fluorescent Green  
Model Number: Stickers 
25    EACH  $23.8400    $596.00   
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 25,000 Labels in rolls of 1000's  
Model Number: Label #21 
25    EACH  $24.4800    $612.00   
Messenger Printing Service
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: As Specified  
Model Number: As Specified 
25    EACH  $25.5000    $637.50   
America's Finest Printing & Graphics
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Flourescent green in rolls  
Model Number: Rolls of 1000 
25    EACH  $25.6500    $641.25   
Aldinger, Inc.
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Impact Flourescent Label Stock  
Model Number: 60# Crack 'n Peel 
25    EACH  $29.5100    $737.75   
Borden Decal
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Paper roll labels  
Model Number: N/A 
25    EACH  $32.0000    $800.00   
American Thermographers
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: 4" x 2" labels  
Model Number: Fluorescent Green 
25    EACH  $35.5000    $887.50   
Welsh Outdoors, LLC
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: none       
Model Number: none 
25    EACH  $37.9500    $948.75   
Pluto Post Productions
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: Superior  
Model Number: OL125FG 
25    EACH  $140.0000    $3,500.00   
MSC Industrial Supply Co
Quoting Brand Below
Manufacturer: NMC       
Model Number: CU64447-22479 
25    EACH  $150.0000    $3,750.00   
No Award
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