Closed Bids

City of Troy - MI » ITB-COT 08-15 WaterBillPrinting - Laser Printing & Distribution of Water and Sewer Bills

Award Information

Deadline:  04/01/2008 prior to 10:00 AM  E.D.T.
Title:  Laser Printing & Distribution of Water and Sewer Bills
Information Posted:  5/15/2008 
Supporting Document:  Open Bid Tabulation

The following companies either responded with pricing or submitted a no bid.

Company Names Bid Results Estimated Award Comments
American Mailers  $12,851.30  $12,851.30   
Centron Data Services, Inc.  Responded     
DataMail Services Inc.  Responded     
DataProse Billing Solutions  Responded     
DIVDAT  Responded     
EDGE Document Solutions, LLC  Responded     
HOV Services, Inc.  Responded  Responded     
LaserCom  Responded     
National Data Services  Responded     
NoCheck, LLC.  Responded     

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