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City of Lansing » RFQ-04-028 - Demolition of Property-922 Mahlon Street

Award Information

Deadline:  05/06/2004 prior to 3:00 PM  E.S.T.
Title:  Demolition of Property-922 Mahlon Street
Information Posted:  5/13/2004 
Supporting Document:  There is no supporting document available.

The following companies either responded with pricing or submitted a no bid.

Company Name(s) Amount of Award Line Item Number(s)
No Award $.00   All Line Items
 Item #1: Demolition of fire damaged property, one-story, wood frame w/basement and attached garage.
Brand Requirement:  All Brands Are Acceptable
Award Company Name Qty UOM Unit Cost Extended Cost
Pro Commercial Services, Inc.
 Service Item
1    Job  $8,500.0000    $8,500.00   
No Award
Comment:  awarded to Mint City - $4675.00

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