Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority

Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority

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Closed Solicitations

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Redevelop Farm Center Playground - Wolcott Mill Metropark ITB-513-16-134R 03/21/2017
Golf Course Gate Replacement RFP-LE Gate 03/02/2017
System Wide Fiber Optic Infrastructure Connectivity ITB-900-17-008 03/02/2017
Golf Scorecards ITB-2017-009 02/22/2017
Lake St. Clair Playground Redevelopment ITB-502-15-666R 02/22/2017
Bus Transportation Service RFP-2017-008 02/17/2017
ITB 2017-004 Slope Riding Mower ITB-2017-004 Slope Riding Mower 02/16/2017
ITB-2017-005 Gas Powered Utility Cart Vehicles ITB-2017-005 Gas Powered Utility Cart Vehicles 02/16/2017
Annual Roadway Striping ITB-800-17-007 02/16/2017
Ground and Golf Course Mowers and Equipment ITB-2017-007 02/16/2017
Spray Pad Revisions, Indian Springs Metropark ITB-715-15-012 02/14/2017
Redevelop Farm Center Playground, Wolcott Mill Metropark ITB-513-16-134 02/14/2017
Playground Mulch Installation ITB-800-17-006 02/14/2017
ITB 2017-003 Golf Carts ITB-2017-003 Golf Carts 02/13/2017
Boat Launch Ramp Replacement ITB-509-16-535 01/24/2017
Golf Starter Building Demolition ITB-513-16-133 01/24/2017
East Boat Launch Ramp Replacement ITB-504-16-1099 01/24/2017
ITB 2017-002 April-June Event Brochures ITB-2017-002 01/24/2017
Network Cable Installation ITB-2016-073 01/04/2017
Epoxy Painting Concrete Pool Lake St Clair Metropark ITB-702-16-290 12/22/2016
Wave Pool Spray Pad Lake Erie Metropark ITB-512-16-232 12/22/2016
ITB 16-072 - Servers ITB-16-072 - Servers 12/09/2016
Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and CCTV (PACP) Kensington Metropark SFQ-KEN-16-CCTV 12/06/2016
Vault Latrine Replacement Kensington Metropark ITB-504-16-1105 12/06/2016
ITB 16-071 Promotional Tradeshow Tents ITB-16-071 12/06/2016

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