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Great Lakes Water Authority

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Closed Solicitations

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RFP 1070 16FEB2017 Temporary Staffing Services RFP-TC-1070 06/05/2018
Flight and Chain System Upgrade SOQ-SC-GLWA-SOQ-185 12/20/2017
RFB 1074 Fire Systems Maintenance & Inspection Services RFB-TC-1074 Fire Systems Maintenance & Inspection 10/12/2017
Phosphoric Tank Repair RFB-RS-1089 07/06/2017
High Lift Pump Exciter Cubicle Retrofit RFP-ER-GLWA-DB-173 06/30/2017
Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at Various Treatment Plants RFB-GM-GLWA-CON-170 06/27/2017
Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant Backflow Preventer Replacement RFB-ER-GLWA-CON-182 06/19/2017
Reservoir Inspection, Design, and Construction Project RFP-GM-GLWA-CS-151 06/16/2017
Water Transmission Main Assessment/Repair RFP-JB-GLWA-CS-181 06/13/2017
Crane Services RFB-RS-1086-Crane Services 06/06/2017
Detroit River Interceptor Construction RFB-ER-GLWA-CON-183 06/06/2017
Professional and Technical Services for Sewer Meter Support RFB-GM-GLWA-CON-179 05/26/2017
RFB 1085 02MAY17 Cleaning & Disposal Services at Baby Creek CSO RFB-DT- 1085 02MAY17 Cleaning & Disposal Services Baby Creek 05/23/2017
Security Network Video Recorders RFB-JJ-FY16 1083-2 28APR17 05/22/2017
Belle Isle Water Supply Intake Lagoon Ice Boom Replacement and Imp RFB-GC-SCP-CON-094 05/18/2017
Design-Build/Repair for portions of the Pennsylvania, Springwells RFP-DJ-DB-150 05/16/2017
Springwells WTP Low and High Lift Pumping Station Improvements RFP-GM-GLWA-CS-103 05/12/2017
Raw Sludge Clarifier and Raw Sludge Pumping Improvements RFP-DJ-CS-171 05/08/2017
Rehabilitation of Conveyance System Interceptors and Trunk Sewers RFP-DJ-GLWA-CS-168 05/03/2017
Security Infrastructure Improvements RFP-DJ-GLWA-DB-135 Security Infrastructure Improvements 05/01/2017
WRRF Uniform Rental and Laundry Services RFB-AT-1076 - WRRF Uniform Rental and Laundry Services 05/01/2017
Hydrofluorosilicic Acid RFB-RS-1082 10APR17 05/01/2017
Parts & Repair Service for Various Pumps and Grinders RFB-AT-1067-1 Parts & Repair Service for Various Pumps 04/17/2017
Security Network Video Recorders RFB-JJ-FY16 1083 18APR17 04/17/2017

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