City of Taylor

City of Taylor

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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HUD Funded Programs, Professional Legal Services RFP-RM-03-18-2016 04/04/2016
Taylor Animal Shelter Floor WQ-RM-03-14-2016-001 03/24/2016
Taylor Sportsplex Door Replacement WQ-RM-03-15-2016-001 03/24/2016
DDA Property Maintenance IFB-RM-02-22-2016-003 03/10/2016
General Property Maintenance IFB-RM-02-22-2016-001 03/10/2016
Junk and Debris Removal IFB-RM-02-22-2016-002 03/10/2016
Compost Screener Conveyor Belt Replacement QR-RM-02-25-2016 03/07/2016
Lakes of Taylor Golf Course Flooring IFB-RM-02-03-2016-001 02/22/2016
Heritage Park Coan Lakes Seawall IFB-RM-1-22-2016-001 02/08/2016
HUD Funded Programs, Professional Legal Services IFB-RM-12-23-2015-001 01/11/2016
CDBG Residential Furnace Replacement QR-RM-12-1-2015 12/08/2015
Election Supplies QR-RM-12-3-2015 12/08/2015
CDBG ADA Handicap Ramp QR-RM-11-6-2015-002 11/20/2015
CDBG Waterproofing and Floor Bracing QR-RM-11-6-2015-003 11/20/2015
Plumbing Services QR-RM-10-6-2015 11/13/2015
CDBG Residential Roofing, Windows and Insulation QR-RM-11-3-2015 11/10/2015
Arrow Boards Water Department QR-RM-11-5-2015 11/10/2015
Building Department Vehicles IFB-RM-10-29-2015-001 11/10/2015
CDBG Furnace QR-RM-10-26-2015 10/30/2015
Streetlight Banners RFP-RM-10-15-2015 10/27/2015
Road Striping IFB-RM-10-15-2015 10/26/2015
DPW LED Sign QR-RM-10-16-2015 10/23/2015
Natural Gas Supplier RFP-RM-10-02-2015 10/15/2015
Compost Loader Tires QR-RM-10-02-2015 10/12/2015
4 Post Vehicle Lifts QR-RM-10-02-2015-002 10/12/2015

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